Primary 5 & 6 Students Pioneer Tech-Savvy Learning 

Peninsula Private School’s Primary 5 & 6 students recently embarked on an exciting exploration of technology under the guidance of Mr. Chern.

Engaging in hands-on activities like brainstorming on a bubble map and delving into the complexities of ICT, our school fosters a culture of innovation and tech-savvy learning. This immersive approach not only equips young learners with essential digital skills but also instils confidence in navigating the technological frontier.

Research has highlighted that early exposure to technology can significantly enhance children’s cognitive development and problem-solving abilities. Peninsula Private School goes beyond traditional teaching methods to offer added value through immersive experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the digital age. Our dedication to nurturing a culture of innovation ensures that every student emerges as a confident, capable leader in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Through initiatives like this, Peninsula Private School continues to lead in excellence in education, empowering young minds to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Join us as we pave the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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