Peninsula Private School Sets the Bar High with Advanced Mandarin Session 

Peninsula Private School continues to offer enriching and innovative learning experiences, exemplified in our recent Advanced Mandarin session.  

Students engaged in complex exercises using eBooks, refining their listening skills and critical thinking abilities. This distinctive approach not only enhances text practice and memory recall but also instils students with the confidence to tackle challenging questions. 

Research suggests that immersion in language learning activities, like those in our Advanced Mandarin session, enhances cognitive skills and improves academic performance. Peninsula Private School is dedicated to delivering added value through customised language programmes that transcend traditional teaching approaches. Our emphasis on practical application and real-world scenarios ensures students develop Mandarin proficiency while acquiring valuable critical thinking skills. 

Through initiatives such as the Advanced Mandarin session, Peninsula Private School establishes itself as a trailblazer in language education. Join us as we empower students to become confident, culturally adept individuals ready to thrive in a globalised world. 

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