Peninsula Private School Celebrates World Book Day with Passion and Dedication 

Peninsula Private School enthusiastically joins the global celebration of World Book Day, showcasing a steadfast commitment to nurturing a love for reading among our students.  

Our dedication shines as we commence each Monday with 15 minutes of devoted reading time, acknowledging the profound influence of reading on academic success and personal development. Research has highlighted that regular reading enhances literacy skills, boosts cognitive development, and fosters empathy. 

Our approach to reading extends beyond routine classroom practices. Teachers at Peninsula Private School integrate engaging reading lessons into our weekly schedule, guiding primary students to the library for leisure reading, storytelling sessions, and other enjoyable activities.  

This comprehensive strategy not only sparks a love for reading but also cultivates critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills among our students. 

Recognising the transformative impact of reading, Peninsula Private School is dedicated to delivering added value through unique reading initiatives. As we commemorate World Book Day, let us unite to celebrate the joy of reading and the boundless opportunities it brings. 

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