Innovative Education Approach: ‘Science Apparatus Match-Up’ 

Peninsula Private School recently showcased its commitment to innovative education through Ms. Hanini’s Primary 2 class and the engaging ‘Science Apparatus Match-Up’.  

This hands-on exploration allowed students to dive into science while honing essential skills in a fun and interactive manner. Research indicates that experiential learning activities like this not only deepen students’ comprehension of concepts but also boost their engagement and motivation.  

Emphasising added value through unique learning experiences, Peninsula Private School ensures that every student can actively participate and benefit from activities like the ‘Science Apparatus Match-Up’. These instances of experiential learning play a crucial role in shaping young minds for a future marked by innovation and exploration. 

Going beyond traditional teaching methods, Peninsula Private School nurtures our students’ creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Celebrate these moments of growth and discovery with us as we empower students on their journey to realising their full potential. 

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