Peninsula Private School Champions Environmental Initiatives on World Earth Day 

Peninsula Private School made a resounding statement on World Earth Day during today’s assembly, emphasizing the collective action required to protect our planet.  

The school proudly partnered with @TheLostFoodProject and @ecobricks.plastic.transition in their admirable missions to combat food waste and plastic pollution, showcasing a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. 

@TheLostFoodProject’s impactful initiative focuses on rescuing surplus food to address food poverty and waste. They ensure no one goes hungry by redistributing nutritious meals to charity partners and Malaysia’s urban poor. Studies have revealed that food waste significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, making initiatives like this crucial in mitigating environmental harm. 

On the other hand, @ecobricks.plastic.transition presents a unique solution to plastic waste by compacting it into bricks, diverting from conventional waste management methods. Inspired by the Igorot people’s ethos, this innovative approach aids in reducing plastic pollution and promoting sustainability. 

Peninsula Private School is committed to cultivating compassionate, globally-minded individuals empowered to drive positive change. The collaboration with @TheLostFoodProject and @ecobricks.plastic.transition exemplifies the school’s dedication to providing added value through innovative partnerships that tackle urgent societal and environmental challenges. 

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